Alex Hochstrasser has been a professional photographer, retoucher, and digital artist for over a decade. Alex's work is careful and precise, colorful and unusual, surreal and dreamlike, and often quite humorous. After several years learning photography and Photoshop on his own he attended Fitchburg State University to hone his craft and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications Media with a double concentration in Photography and Professional Communication. 

Meeting Alex in person was such a joy. When Alex teaches his photography students he has a warm and thoughtful way about him. You can tell he really understands what he's talking about and does a fantastic job of keeping things simple when so many other photography instructors get lost in all the technical jargon that goes along with learning a camera. Alex goes step-by-step, answers every question that he can, and recaps any important information so it's easy to remember. The same is true for his classes on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom although it's obvious he's had a lot of practice!

When Alex isn't out photographing things or helping others he's usually at home sinking his teeth into other hobbies or watching movies. At the moment he's very focused on learning to play piano and write music. There's no telling what Alex's next project will be but in the meantime he will continue to share his love of the arts with anyone willing to listen.

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